Truck Dimensioner System

TranTechCom LLC is pleased to introduce DimensionerPro™.

 This instrument is lightweight, uses low power and can be mounted almost anywhere (gantry or overpass). This device outputs truck profile (height, width, length) and speed. It will also count number of cars and trucks in the instrumented lane. System can be configured to communicate profiles for all trucks or only those exceeding preset parameters. Output message can be configured to your specifications.



System may be solar-powered and can be integrated with TranTechCom’s LPR, DOT and Overview capture systems.

  •  Measures truck Height, Width, Length & Speed 
  •  Gantry or Overpass mount 
  •  Counts number of trucks and cars in travel lane 
  •  Extremely low power consumption 
  •  Option for Solar power and Cell communications 
  •  Can be integrated with our LPR and DOT readers 

Specifications (subject to change without notice):

a) Measurement Accuracy:

•   Height:   1 – 2 inches
•   Width:   3 – 4 inches
•   Length:   11 inches
•   Speed:    5 – 7 mph

b) Installation Height: 28 feet

c) Weight: 10 lbs

d) Voltage: 12/24 VDC

e) Configurable message format

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