Mobile Enforcement System

(MES) is an advanced system comprised of an integrated Overview, License Plate Reader and DOT Number Reader systems.

Truck Dimensioner System

(TDS) is a lightweight and low-power instrument which can be mounted on a gantry or overpass.

Radar Speed Enforcement System

(RSE) provides real-time speed enforcement utilizing state-of-the-art Doppler radar.

License Plate
Reading System

(LPR) capture rear or front truck license plates then performs OCR.

USDOT Reading

(DOT) reader captures multiple images per vehicle.

Capture System

(OCS) provides clear truck images to enable law enforcement to identify trucks.


TranTechCom (TTC) LLC was established in 2012 to offer government and law enforcement customers innovative products for the enforcement of commercial vehicles.  Our products are field tested under stringent conditions to ensure high quality and uninterrupted performance.

About the company

TTC is an early pioneer of instrumented state-of-the-art commercial vehicle stations.  We developed and installed one of the earliest Remotely Operated Compliance Stations (ROCS™) integrating the technologies of Overview, LPR, DOT, and Container imaging systems in one seamless application.

We believe we have the best integrated systems available in the marketplace. Please give us a chance to prove it to you.

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