License Plate System

TranTechCom’s License Plate Reading System (LPR) captures rear or front truck license plates then performs OCR. The output is the license readout and the associated State (jurisdiction). The system works 24/7 and at speeds exceeding highway speeds.

The LPR can be triggered by both invasive or non-invasive sensors including radar, laser, and loops. Upon triggering the system sends the information to monitoring and storage solutions.

The system provides highly detailed license plates images acquired with the latest camera sensors and advanced illumination.

1. The LPR system is adapted to for commercial vehicles’ license plates recognition. The system does not require/expect the license plate to be in the middle of the vehicle’s bumper, nor does not require plates to have any reflective qualities, and works at highway speeds.

2. System shows readouts for both license plate and State.

3. The system can use both invasive and non-invasive triggering sensors.

4. The system can use both regular light, and infrared light (preferably 740 nm or 850 nm).

5. The system can output any message and interface to serial, and IP-based Dynamic Message Signs.

6. System can operate as an integrated system in conjunction with USDOT, Container, Chassis, Overview, and other systems, or as a standalone system.

7. Multilingual

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